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Real Estate & Mortgages

Buying a home is usually the single most important (and expensive!) decision that a person makes in his lifetime.

As one of the largest law firms in the Richmond and South Vancouver area, we offer comprehensive legal services to assist with the purchase and sale of real estate. Whether the property is residential, commercial or industrial, our lawyers have the necessary expertise and experience to handle all aspects of a real estate transaction.

We act for buyers, sellers, and developers, and are also authorized to act on behalf of major chartered banks, trust companies, life insurance companies, credit unions, and other financial institutions and lenders in connection with the preparation and registration of mortgages and other security.

Each year, we handle hundreds of real estate transactions involving many millions of dollars. Every purchase and sale and mortgage is different. From the first-time home buyer to the sophisticated investor or developer, we ensure that our clients are familiar with all aspects of a real estate transaction including:

terms of the Contract of Purchase and Sale which govern the transaction including condition precedents for the benefit of the seller and the buyer
any restrictions contained in easements, statutory rights-of-way or other encumbrances that will remain registered against Title after completion and that could affect development of the property
all mortgages or other encumbrances that are to be discharged from Title upon completion
the amount of Property Purchase Tax payable in connection with the purchase of property
terms of financing commitments such as pre-payment privileges and penalties in mortgages and requirements for personal guarantees, Title insurance, and a survey showing the position of the building on the property
the plan of the property which shows its size and location
all adjustments to be made to the purchase price (including property taxes and utilities) on completion

At our firm, lawyers (not para-legals or secretaries) are charged with the responsibility for real estate files. You can trust us to provide quality, accurate, and efficient legal services at a reasonable price.
Lawyers practicing in Real Estate Law:
Perry S. Ehrlich, Partner
Michael L. Lipton, Partner
Ben Ling (Linda) Chen, Associate Counsel
Elizabeth M. Khean, Associate





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