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About Us
Many people dream of buying their own home, but so few can afford it; often stuck living at home with Mum & Dad or renting for years. Luckily there is a solution and this is where our story begins.

Our names are Andrew and Claudine and we both kept hearing the same thing from our friends – finding the money to buy a house is really hard and the process is too complicated.

Throughout the UK there are millions of people who want to buy their own home but can’t afford to do it on their own and don't know where to start.

So we asked ourselves – Why don’t people team up, pool their resources and buy a property together using a one stop shop conveyancing service?

Our mission was clear;
We wanted to create a community where you can come and find someone to safely buy a home with. To share the deposit, mortgage, living and legal costs; and the increase in property value on sale. Backed by leading service providers with an easily navigable conveyancing process.

Share a Mortgage was born; an online platform that allows members to search, chat and meet like minded people who have been credit scored to protect members.

Simply find a group of Mortgage Buddies, choose a property to buy and let us handle everything else for you. With our Independent Mortgage Advisers you'll get the Best Mortgage Rates; and our friendly Conveyancing Solicitors will handle all the legal technical stuff. You'll be in safe hands the whole way through.

What happens if...?
Don’t worry. Our Shared Ownership Protection service has it covered and clearly sets out how to leave, what to do if you have a disagreement, how much you get on sale, plus much, much more. Your Shared Ownership Protection ensures that you are safely protected from the word go. No worries, just happy living.

Share a Mortgage isn't for life; think of it as a chance to buy a property with a group of people so that you can afford your own place after a few years. You will save thousands in rent and make money on any increase in the property value.

We want to help you realise your home buying dream and will do everything we can to help. Start today by joining Share a Mortgage and see how easy buying a home can really be.





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Share a Mortgage

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