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Chandler Properties

As a top tier San Francisco property management company, Chandler Properties provides a rare combination of long-term market knowledge, industry expertise, competitive pricing and caring, hands-on attention to every building we manage in every San Francisco neighborhood, from 2 units to 200. We are dedicated to delivering the best upkeep of every property San Francisco entrusts to our expertise.

Founded by Carolyn Chandler in 1979 and focused exclusively on San Francisco properties for more than 30 years, Chandler Properties has proudly set the bar higher on what customers can expect from a property management firm. Vice President of Business Development, Samantha Chandler Duvall, joined the Leadership Team in 2007, following many years of experience in every department of the company. Samantha’s unique perspective and personal dedication to our philosophy ensure continuity of Chandler’s high standards, direction and integrity – now and into the future.

"My vision was to build a company that would last 100 years or more – a company in which subsequent generations of our family would carry on the values of high standards, integrity and service which are the foundation of this company. When the vision is a 100 year old company, daily decisions are made based on what is good for the employees and the customers for the long term. That philosophy has served us well for over thirty years and will serve us well for the next seventy."

Carolyn Chandler
Chandler Properties founder


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Chandler Properties

Tel: (415) 921-5733
2799 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94115

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