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Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation

Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation provides strata corporations, co-operatives and residential rental property owners with the expert guidance and comprehensive management services they need to protect, maintain and enhance the value of their real estate assets.

Our team also includes highly experienced REALTORS®, who deliver a complete range of real estate sales services.

At Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation, we truly believe our people are our greatest strength. That’s why our hiring criteria goes beyond having the right education and experience to include strong communication skills, flexible thinking and a positive, proactive attitude.

We’ve also focused on assembling the comprehensive, multi-faceted (and multi-lingual) team of people it takes to protect, maintain and enhance the value of your property asset. People like:

- Friendly, detail-oriented administrators, who ensure our clients always receive prompt, professional service (no matter when they call)

- Experienced, knowledgeable strata agents, sales, co-op-manager and rental agents, who work closely with each client to ensure they always receive the expert, legally sound guidance and services they require to succeed

- Dedicated, CGA-led accountants, who ensure our clients’ financial records remain current, accurate, and compliant with the law

- Independent, accountable contractors, who deliver prompt, reliable emergency repair and maintenance services

- This team, together with the support and oversight of Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation’s Management Team, provides the diverse skills, experience and knowledge needed to maximize your real estate asset.

They also deliver a benefit whose value is impossible to measure – deep-seated and authentic peace of mind.


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Contact Details

Ascent Real Estate Management Corporation

Tel: (604) 431-1800
Fax: (604) 431-1818
2176 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC, V5C 5Z9

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