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Samson Estates Ltd

Samson is part of a large dynamic group of businesses all ranging around the property and property investments sector.

Our core dates far back as the 1970’s where our CEO, Sam Khan set up a small construction company, co-operating with London councils and the then known as GLA(Greater London Authority).

Very quickly Sam and his experienced tradesman were able to get to a stage where they were developing property for timely investment returns and managing a number of rental properties.

Over the next 2 decades leading into the early millennia a number of SPV company structures were set up and different models were implemented in co-operation with HNW investors which lead to the realisation of very profitable property ventures. Throughout this process the property sales and management portfolio grew rapidly.

Rockledge Estates was set up in 2011 to grow the estates business especially in residential and commercial sales, management and investor relations right until the end of 2014 where Rockledge Estates became Samson LTD as part of a brand alignment program.

Currently we are a leading expert in the estates sector, managing land transactions, several hundred properties and conducting JV structures with international property investors


...experienced, smart, determined, trust-worthy, positive and energetic. They are entrepreneurial and like to have fun. They are trustworthy, meticulous and generous with sharing their ideas and knowledge.


...provide outstanding customer service and exceptional client results. They will promote and fiercely protect our respected brand, exemplary reputation and long-standing heritage.


…each other’s company. And they enjoy the rewards of a great working environment, where they will benefit from a culture of 'big company' achievements, with a 'small company' ethos. But they don't just enjoy what they do; they thrive on it!


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Samson Estates Ltd

Tel: 0208 2211 522
269 High Street, Stratford, London, E15 2TF

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