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For security reason and to protect agents' accounts, losing user name / login email is a serious matter which will prevent you from accessing your account anymore. As a last resort, you can send an account claim request to us, which is a lengthy and very strict procedure. We generally require your company's registration no. and office contact person's name to match in our system. We may also need to call you personally to verify your identity. Only after you have passed our verification procedure successfully, we then are able to reveal the user name / login email details to you. There is an expensive fee involved in this procedure as it requires our manual investigation. Paying the application fee will not guarantee you will regain your account if you can't pass our verification process and this application fee is not refundable. We urge all agents to keep their user names / login emails securely. However, you can create a new account anytime if necessary.

As the verification procedure is not perfect and we may make mistakes during the verification process. You agree and give us consent that in cases of mistakes which result in unauthorized reveal of your user name / email address to the wrong person and your account has been accessed by unauthorized person, Soft Media Australia will not be liable for such incidents and you should inform us immediately once you have noticed such security breach. Soft Media Australia will put every effort to avoid such incident from happening although we understand that human errors sometimes are hard to be foreseen or be prevented.



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